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What we will do for you

1/ Sound:
We will modify your stock exhaust as loud as aftermarket pipes. We guarantee that you will be happy with the new sound!
2/ Chrome, Shine and Shape:
While working with your exhaust pipes, we will try to keep the original chrome and shape of your pipes as same as its original version. There will be no exposed or visible cuts on bodies of the pipes. All worked parts are covered by heat shields (see packing picture).
3/ No enhancing third party ED (Electronic Device) required:
There will be no needs to add the power commander or fuel park because you are still using same stock pipes! Per our testing, there is 10 to 20% gain in power for low and mid range.

How we do the work

The basic skeleton of exhaust's pipe is the "PIPE", which has several internal plates. These plates devide the pipe's body into several champers. When exhaust gas escapes combusion and pours into first champer, it will pop a sound. However, when the gas flows to end of first champer and hits the second plate, its waves will reflect back and cancel out the sound and its forces. Due to the high pressure of exploded gas, the gas continues to travel through second champer, then third champer and escapes the pipe in same process. Due to the regulation of automobile industry, most of car/bikes' manufacturers are required to make their exhaust's loudness within allowable decibel. In order to do so, they have to adjust the internal plates to make the pipe to hush up.
1/ How we make it louder: 
According to the above theory, we will adjust these internal plates that balance the sound so they become deep throat and louder without sacrifying any power of your bike. We guarantee our work and you will be pleased with modified sound.

Why spending from $500.00 to $800.00 for low quality aftermarket products and another $250.00 to $350.00 for adding power commander or fuel management! Why spending too much money for those products that will degrade the appearance of your RAIDER. Let try WWW.YamahaRaiderExhaust.com, we will make your chopper dream come true.

2/ How we process your order:
As soon as we receive your exhaust pipes, we will update the status of your order to "processing". We will perform the work on your pipes immediately. The job is often done within a day or two depending on volume of works we are receiving daily. When we complete our work and send your pipes back to you, we will update the status to "complete". Please refer back to this web site often when you have sent us your exhaust to see our comment and picture we might have for you. Use your register account to see the order status.
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